Artist Statement

Jeff has been intrigued by photographic images since his high school days in DeKalb, Illinois. Back then, his special eye for unique lighting effects earned him nods from Quill and Scroll and the American Newspapers Publishers Association as best high school photographer in the nation. His interest has never waned in capturing eye-catching images of objects raised to significance by the sudden impact of natural or artificial light. Over the decades, Jeff's work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and other publications. His prints are featured at the historical D&NO Section House Galleries in Elizabeth, Colorado. Jeff's fascination with technical aspects of photography is evident in his early work. From his basement studio, Jeff's perceptive manipulation of camera and lighting produced dramatic photos of both still subjects and objects he set in motion. Today, Jeff's interests are more focused on capturing authentic, unorchestrated compositions in their natural and often secluded locations. He now "brings the studio to the subject." From his current home in Elbert County, Colorado, Jeff's artistic vision has ranged from broad, open landscapes to a variety of small spaces and objects abandoned by man and time. Subjects of obscure artistic appeal are initially identified during his ruminative back-road travels. Actual exposures may have to wait for nature to provide hues of a season, color-saturating precipitation or a cloudy backdrop steeped in the evanescent glow of a horizon-bound sun. A scene imagined for weeks, months, or years may be a reality for just a few fleeting moments. Successful exposures are often made only after a series of failed attempts to be in the right place at the right time. Artificial illumination and light meticulously bounced from reflective panels are frequently mixed with natural light to reveal fascinating form and spectacular latent textures. Jeff's patience is rewarded when the stunning combination of subject, technique and the elements is ultimately revealed in a meticulously-crafted print.