Jeff is currently working on three ebooks that will be available in the near future. The brilliance, dynamic range and clarity produced by the latest iPad coupled with the razor sharp 260 DPI resolution of its Retina Display makes this an exciting time for photographers. Suggesting that most computer screens, and other mobile devices will soon offer equal or superior displays is a reasonable prediction.

An image printed on paper pages will only reveal detail from highlights to shadows when meticulously illuminated while an iPad or Kindle will consistently render a brilliant image with an incredible range of brightness.

The books will be presented in PDF format and for sale at a significant savings over traditional hard cover or paperback versions.

Seasoned Garages

Garages image

Farm and ranch workshops that have seen several decades of hard use. These shops, some evolving over eighty years, have accumulated diverse collections of tools, machine parts and unidentifiable items. Appearing "cluttered" to most, the stewards of these spaces have spent many years making sure everything is in just the right place.

Images of Elbert County

Elbert County image

Photographs from the towns and back roads of Elbert County, Colorado.

DeKalb - From Dektol to Digital

Dekalb image

A collection of photographs taken over the last thirty-five years from Jeff’s home town of DeKalb, Illinois. The collection includes black and white prints originally produced in a darkroom up to the most recent additions captured on the latest high-resolution digital cameras.